format of competition

The competition is held in the Olympic Combined format with all three climbing disciplines on the same day.  First speed then boulder  and finally lead. 


The result will be the product of the ranking scores for all three disciplines.


The speed climbing competition is simply a race up a 15m wall.  The grip design and placement is standard on walls around the world to ensure uniformity and comparable times on any standard wall.

The current record holder is Reza Alipourshenazandifar with a time of 5.48 sec.


boulder competition

Bouldering is the most physically taxing in terms of strength and co-ordination.  The boulder comp is held over four boulders.  Each climber has five minutes (Four minutes in the Final) to attempt each boulder with a five minute rest between each.  There is a marked "zone hold" approximately halfway on th problem.  The final score is judged by the number of problems topped and the number of zones reached.  Ties are resolved by counting the number of attempts to the top and the zone with the fewest attempts winning.


Lead Competition

The last discipline of the day will be the lead climbing (roped climbing)  Climbers are given a single attempt to get as far along the route as they are able.  Each successive hand grip scores a higher number with the climber reaching the highest point winning.

Lead Climb.JPG